The community firewood project is to be extended to help more families.

Caption: Club members and family came together last winter to split, load and deliver firewood to families in need for the 2021 winter. 

Following on from a successful two year community partnership with Awarua Whanau Services to get firewood into homes that need it, we are excited to confirm that this project is being extended thanks to new community partnerships.

Thank you to Ross Wensley who followed through on a conversation that started at this year's book sale. The result of following through means the club will now work with Department of Corrections (Ara Poutama Aotearoa) to delivering donated firewood that has been precut and loaded to trailers.  

Ross will co-ordinate the club's involvement, which will now change to where we supply trailers to be dropped off to the prison. The trailers will be loaded by teams inside the prison, and then Rotary members/drivers will take the trailers to addresses provided by Awarua Whanau Services and unload the wood.

If you can supply a trailer and/or drive a trailer load of wood to be unloaded please let Ross know.  Ross will explain this project in more detail, in particular around dates/times at the Rotary meeting on Tuesday.

The exciting development in this project means we can get more wood into homes for winter of 2022.