It's been a big year for our Rotary Club.

  Our 2021 Community Service projects have now been completed with the end of exams and our final donation for they year going to Family Works.

  The meeting on December 14 signalled the end of Rotary Meetings for the year, and this is also the final bulletin, until it resumes in 2022. 

  Thank you to everyone for their support to our club, meetings, projects, fundraising, fellowship, and to me personally for the past months.

  Whilst the formalities may be over for the year  the Rotary Four-Way test underpins all that we are as Rotarians in what we think, say or do:

  Is it the truth

  Is it fair to all concerned

  Will it build goodwill and better friendship

  Will it be beneficial to all concerned

Now we begin planning and adapting on how to navigate through 2022: continuing ongoing projects, fundraising, developing new projects and new ideas for fundraising.

I look forward to more fellowship and fun along the way.

Please remember if you want to connect on a Rotary matter all of the directors details are noted below.

Merry Christmas I Meri Kirihimete

Stay well, look after yourself I  Noho ora mai