It's been a busy year for students but club members have been on hand to help with exams.
Caption: Pictured, from left, Lisa-Maree, Ria, Chami and Rose have helped students at Southland Girls' High School with exams. 

This year was our second in supporting Southland Girls' High School through our community partnership to provide reader and writers for students who have special sssessment conditions (SAC) for NCEA exams.

The aim of the reader and writer/typist is to assist the student to overcome their learning difficulty during external exams. 

Readers read the exam brief and/or questions to the student and their answers back to them, and/or writers writer/type the students verbal answers.

If you want to know more about how this works through NZQA check out:

The reader and writers receive payment as per the NZQA contract conditions,with the payment then donated back to current club fundraiser – Rotary Give Every Child A Future (RGECAF).

An update of the funds raised to date from this literacy community service project and the Sri Lankan Dinner Fundraiser will be confirmed early in 2022.